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The Changing Reality of College Planning: How To Navigate THE SHIFT

Hosted by
Ian Maxwell

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January 24th
11:30 am PST

Are you using outdated approaches to plan for college that could actually be doing you more harm than good?

Come learn the little known strategies you need to understand in order to find the right schools and control college costs. 

Here is What You'll Learn

The New Reality of College Planning - Clarifying “The Shift"

The world of college planning and college costs is quickly changing, we will explain how and why. We will also clarify how these changes have made college costs one of the biggest financial commitments a family will face in their lives.

The True Cost of Not Adjusting - Using Old Rules in a New World

Due to this massive shift in the higher education system, the old rules no longer apply. We will show you how continuing to use outdated college planning strategies can hurt more than help.

How We Can Help

By helping families and students apply new, relevant strategies to meet their college planning needs, we show them how to keep the student a priority, reduce stress and anxiety, and how to control costs and reduce the need for college loans.

Key Concepts to Help Students and Families Control the Cost of College

Sampling from the key areas of Student Positioning, Financial Positioning, Forms Processing & Admissions Guidance, and Coordinated Communications, we share some key concepts to help you understand how to control college costs without sacrificing household finances and protecting future retirement.

High Level Case Studies

We will share a few high level case studies to demonstrate how families in many different situations can take advantage of our "new world" college planning services to target "best fit" schools and control college costs for current and future students.

Next Steps

We will quickly summarize "THE SHIFT" and lay out next steps for those who want to take control of their college planning situation based on "new world" strategies that will help, as opposed to outdated approaches that will do more harm than good. We also have a FREE offer for those who stay to the end.


About Ian Maxwell

Ian is passionate about clearly articulating important college planning concerns, giving students and families valuable strategies to improve their college planning and college funding situation. Ian focuses on providing families and students with the type of education, tools, and strategies they really need to improve their quality of life throughout all phases of the college planning process. Ian’s ultimate goal is to show families and students how successful college planning outcomes are absolutely dependent on having a comprehensive plan that addresses both near-term college finance concerns as well as long-term retirement planning issues.

Ian’s firm, Reviresco College Planning, is based in San Diego. Ian uses an educational approach to teach families how to find and get accepted to the best schools based on the students' goals, reduce the cost of college, reduce the need for student loans, and how to avoid some of the common misconceptions that actually hurt college outcomes more than they help.

Ian is a former Del Mar Lifeguard, a graduate of Williams College, a former Officer in the United States Marine Corps, and has lived in the greater San Diego area since 1983.

January 24th
11:30 am PST